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How about the wool blanket? The price of wool blanket

Many families love wool blankets, not only because they are very high-end and symbolizing wealth, but also because they are attracted by its special materials and functions. So is the wool blanket good? Next, let's go to find out how good the wool blanket is and the price of the wool blanket.

Aug 11,2021

How about the wool blanket How to clean the wool blanket

With the rapid development of society and economy, people continue to pursue high-quality lifestyles. The comfort, breathability, heat preservation, and moisture resistance of wool blankets have made it more and more used in daily production. The editor will take you to know how to wash wool blankets and how to clean wool blankets.

Aug 11,2021

Different blankets have different uses

The selected felt is also different. The felt products have different requirements on the raw material composition according to the use, type and nature. For example, the filter felt requires high filtration efficiency and no lint when filtering gasoline. Therefore, it is required that there is no dead hair in the composition of the mixture, low impurity content, fine hair fiber, high degree of curl, and good milling property. In another example, shoe felt is used to padded cotton soles or used in cotton shoes. The felt is required to have good warmth retention and low price, but the color requirements are not high. Therefore, the color and the color are not considered when selecting the ingredients of the mixture. Black hair and white hair can be used. Generally, all kinds of miscellaneous hairs are used for production.

Apr 21,2021

How to distinguish wool blankets and chemical fiber blankets? Recognition?

Pure wool felt is made by bonding pure wool; chemical fiber felt is made by mixing wool and chemical fiber products. The material of the felt is pure natural wool. The most direct way to distinguish it is to rub some wool from the felt and light it with a fire. The wool and wool will smoke and be blistered during the burning process, and the burned material will have burnt hair. taste. After incineration, the ashes were black brittle pieces without chars.

Mar 12,2020

The origin of wool blankets

Wool felt is an ancient and long fabric. Its manufacturing method has been broadcast in ancient Rome. It is a well-known craftsmanship in Europe.

Dec 28,2019

What problems often occur in the processing of chemical fiber blankets

The chemical fiber felt is often subjected to various external forces such as stretching, crimping, and torsion during the processing process, which causes the fiber to change its original shape. Because wool has good elasticity, it tries to return to its original shape. Therefore, various stresses are generated in the fiber. This internal stress needs to be gradually attenuated and eliminated over a long period of time. It is often used in the processing of wool products.

Mar 26,2019

What should be paid attention to when choosing blankets

At present, various types of felts are divided into special felts and general felts. The difference of varieties is divided according to the thickness of the raw materials, the size of the unit volume weight (that is, the tightness of the density) and the difference of the color: the technical requirements are divided according to the presence, absence of strength, elongation, capillary action, and the unit of use can be divided according to needs To choose. This standard can be used for inspection during inspection.

Mar 26,2019

Put a blanket on your shoulders and enjoy the warmth this season should have

Many cities can't feel the warmth of autumn. After an autumn rain, the cold wind came quickly. It only took a dream to let us understand the coldness of the coming winter early, which was unexpected.

Mar 26,2019

The use of wool blankets, you need to know this knowledge

For people who are afraid of the cold, the most worry-free thing is when winter comes. However, as the seasons change throughout the year, what should come will come. Now, wool blankets have brought good news to people. Wool blankets are blankets made of wool as raw materials.

Mar 26,2019

Shandong deepens the integration of textile industry and smart manufacturing

Recently, Shandong Province has actively deepened the integrated development of manufacturing and the Internet, deepened supply-side structural reforms, and promoted the conversion of new and old kinetic energy to realize the transition from Shandong manufacturing to Shandong creation, and the leap from a large manufacturing province to a strong manufacturing province.

Mar 03,2019

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