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The origin of wool blankets


Wool felt is an ancient and long fabric. Its manufacturing method has been broadcast in ancient Rome. It is a well-known craftsmanship in Europe.

There are many legends about the origin of wool felt, among which the most interesting one is for the sacred Clemente, the guardian of Western shoe and hat merchants. Once St. Clemente ran desperately in the woods in order to escape the chase of the enemy, his feet started to be hot and painful, but he still tried to get rid of the enemies who were chasing him, so he found some wool in the woods , And stopped and started collecting. In order to relieve the pain, he wrapped the collected wool around his feet, then put his feet back in his shoes, and continued to run wildly. When he finally reached a safe place, when he took out his aching feet from his shoes, he found that it had become a pair of felt shoes. Since then, wool felt has been widely used in religious ceremonies and has become a god of good luck and exorcism from demons.

Later, people discovered that wool has high-quality properties such as non-woven properties, integral formability, warmth retention, water resistance, flame resistance, color fixation, and heat insulation. They began to use wool as a high-end craftsmanship material, and then Let wool felt handicrafts board the hall of art.

Nowadays, after the wool felt craft has been popular in Europe and America for centuries, it has set off a trend of madness and fashion for wool in Japan, Taiwan and other places, and it has been enthusiastically sought after by many fashion and craftsmen. It can be said that people who have not played wool felt craftsmanship are regarded as far away from the trend.


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