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Put a blanket on your shoulders and enjoy the warmth this season should have


Through the freshness of spring, the enthusiasm of summer, the seasons change to the tenderness of autumn.

Many cities can't feel the warmth of autumn. After an autumn rain, the cold wind came quickly. It only took a dream to let us understand the coldness of the coming winter early, which was unexpected.

Whenever this time, I just want to stay at home quietly and wrap my body with a soft blanket, preferably a woolen blanket that feels super good, to isolate the coldness, while sucking the cat while reading, you will feel the whole The world has slowed down, and I feel very at ease, so that the body and mind are warming.

Those who understand life have prepared a warm woolen blanket in early autumn. You who have a busy life also need such a dose of warmth.

The autumn wind is surging, put a seat on your shoulders

Looking out the window at the bleak autumn breeze, holding a cup of hot tea and savoring it, soothing music whirls in your ears, and then put a blanket on your shoulders to enjoy the warmth that this season should have.

Most of the wool blankets in people's mouths are used for shawls or blankets. The reason why many people like wool blankets is not only because they are soft and comfortable, but because they are like quilts in bedding, giving people a sense of warmth and security. Especially when girls go out on the street, they often wear them as shawls to keep them warm and stylish.

Since the 2014 London Fashion Week, Burberry wool blankets have become the most representative trend, and various blanket-like items have also risen in popularity. Speaking of this, the first blanket brand that came to mind was Pendleton.

As a century-old American evergreen brand, Pendleton was born in Oregon in the western United States. The favorable conditions for raising sheep in this area provide innate advantages for the weaving of high-quality wool products.

The brand combines high-quality wool materials with ethnic styles, and successively launched blankets with different shapes. The two-color pattern style highlights the retro and unique charm, and the unique style derives a unique sense of fashion.

Polish life, hang a seat and decorate time

In home life, the blank walls always make people a little depressing. If you want unexpected effects, the "wool tapestry" is the finishing touch.

Simplicity without losing the details is the characteristic of wool tapestries; warm and delicate color matching, blended into the soft material, so that the walls are no longer cold, and enhance the temperature and emotion of the home.


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