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How about the wool blanket? The price of wool blanket


Many families love wool blankets, not only because they are very high-end and symbolizing wealth, but also because they are attracted by its special materials and functions. So is the wool blanket good? Next, let's go to find out how good the wool blanket is and the price of the wool blanket.

Wool blankets are blankets made from wool as raw materials. Because wool has good air permeability, an air flow layer can be formed between the gaps between the fibers under the wool surface, so it provides an ideal constant temperature when the human body sleeps. This is why wool blankets have excellent warmth retention effects. reason. Wool blankets are recognized as the best warm blankets.

Advantages of wool blankets

The wool blanket is made of wool, which has good air permeability and can maintain a certain temperature;

Wool blankets are beneficial to improve the quality of human sleep and have good warmth retention;

The woolen blanket has fine and uniform wool texture, soft and plump hand feeling, and good resilience;

Wool blankets have a certain curative effect on patients with rheumatism and arthritis, but they have not been able to relieve the disease.

Blanket classification

There are many kinds of wool blankets on the market. Among them, the overall wool quality of the shearing blanket is fine, the resilience is good, the wool surface is flat, the quality is good, and the hand feel is full; the lamb blanket has natural hair peaks, relatively loose wool texture, and smooth wool surface. , The hand feels fine and smooth, and the color is bright; the size of the leather-shaped blanket can be customized, the overall hair quality is fine and uniform, the hair is consistent, and it is of high quality.

Wool blanket cleaning method

Wool blankets are different from ordinary blankets. If there are only slight stains, you can use a towel with a very low concentration of special detergent to gently wipe and clean, and then remember to comb after drying; while the cleaning of wool blankets is not Forced detergent can be used, neither machine wash nor high temperature exposure, otherwise it will cause the wool to fall down and damage the softness of the elasticity.

Wool blanket price

Because wool blankets are made of precious wool and can only be obtained after careful processing, the price on the market is relatively expensive, generally between 200-500 higher than ordinary blankets. Therefore, the price of the wool blanket on the top is around 500-1000 yuan, but it will also go up or down due to the brand and other reasons.


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