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Shandong deepens the integration of textile industry and smart manufacturing

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2023/08/30 17:17

Recently, Shandong Province has actively deepened the integrated development of manufacturing and the Internet, deepened supply-side structural reforms, and promoted the conversion of new and old kinetic energy to realize the transition from Shandong manufacturing to Shandong creation, and the leap from a large manufacturing province to a strong manufacturing province.

In terms of intelligent manufacturing cultivation, Shandong will carry out process-based intelligent manufacturing, discrete intelligent manufacturing, intelligent equipment and products, network collaborative manufacturing, large-scale personalized customization, and remote operation and maintenance services in six categories, including process-based intelligent manufacturing, discrete intelligent manufacturing, intelligent equipment and products, and remote operation and maintenance services. More than 50 smart manufacturing pilot demonstration projects, organized pilot demonstration enterprises and enterprises in the same industry paired assistance, promote the overall improvement of the industry's intelligent manufacturing level. Accelerate the transition from demographic dividend to technological dividend, promote large-scale applications in textile and other fields, reduce labor pressure and labor intensity of enterprises, improve production efficiency and product quality, and strive for greater profit margins.

Shandong has developed and promoted a batch of first (sets) equipment and key core components that have a significant impact on the transformation and upgrading of the industry, and are the first to achieve major innovations in China or can replace imports, in areas such as textiles, and accelerate the improvement of the level of localization of high-end intelligent equipment. Support the Provincial Institute of Mechanical Design, Shandong University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Shandong Academy of Sciences and other colleges and universities to jointly build the "Shandong Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Center", and encourage the Provincial Institute of Mechanical Design and Huazhong University of Science and Technology to jointly build a "National Numerical Control System" "Engineering Technology Research Center Shandong Branch" makes full use of the advantages of scientific and technological talents in universities and research institutes to provide support and guarantee for high-end equipment and intelligent manufacturing technology innovation, talent training, achievement transformation and industrial development in Shandong Province.

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